Maintenance of a Register

Do you have doubts that the register of security holders is maintained accurately?

Is it essential for you to ensure reliable storage of the register and provision of high-quality services to the shareholders, to enable the shareholders to effectively control the balance of their accounts?

Do you fear that a transaction will not be completed on time; is it important for you to safeguard against a refusal to execute the documents; do you need to conduct the transaction without visiting the registrar's office?

Our services

  1. Audit and restoration of a shareholder register:
    • analysis of data and documents in the register, provision of recommendations;
    • ensuring compliance of the register with legislative requirements and documents.
  2. Maintenance of a register:
    • detailed examination of submitted documents;
    • receipt of a confirmation of a shareholder’s intention to make the transaction;
    • prompt provision of information from the register;
    • electronic document management using secure communication channels.
  3.  Monitoring of the balance of the account:
    • Internet solution: ‘Shareholder's Personal Account’;
    • monitoring of events in the register and remote access for shareholders to information on their customer accounts.
  4.  Personal services:
    • preliminary examination of documents;
    • urgent implementation of operations in the register;
    • mobile registrar: visit to the place of a transaction, delivery against payment.

Our advantages

  1. Individual approach to a customer.
  2. ‘One-stop shop’ model of services.
  3. Team of experts with unique work experience in the securities market.
  4. We use a multi-step system to verify the authenticity of documents and of a shareholder's intention to make a transaction.
  5. High level of information security.
  6. Certified information security tools.
  7. A personal manager is assigned to a customer.
  8. We provide a package of high-quality additional services related to maintenance of a register of security holders.
  9. We offer ample opportunities for electronic communication: we offer  Online services, that ensure high speed, accessibility of our services at any time and information security based on the use of information security tools certified by competent Russian authorities and of an electronic signature in cases stipulated by Russian law.

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