Support of Corporate Actions

Do you need to implement a share repurchase project (a buyback, redemption at the request of shareholders, an offer, a squeeze out)?

Is it important for you to ensure that shareholders can obtain advice on any issues of the company's operations?

Do you need to keep archives of source documents of the register outside your office?

Our services

  1. Turnkey support of share repurchase projects:
    • acceptance of shareholders' applications: the number of centres for receiving requests is unlimited due to the deployment of mobile offices; 
    • advising on how to implement repurchase procedures;
    • cash payment for repurchased shares;
    • representation of a customer;
    • conclusion of contracts with shareholders.
  2. Communication centre (call centre):
    • advising shareholders on any issues related to a joint-stock company's operations in a format agreed upon with the company;
    • a possibility to organize a free hotline for shareholders;
    • analysis of messages according to various criteria.
  3. Safekeeping of the company's source documents:
    • systematized registration of archived documents;
    • prompt provision of information from an archive at a customer's request.


  1. Extensive experience in supporting corporate procedures related to share repurchase by issuers and their owners (more than 50 implemented projects of different kinds).
  2. Customized technologies and specialized software to implement repurchase projects.
  3. We implement unique comprehensive turnkey projects to achieve your goals after examining the customer’s situation and analysing their wishes, with the use of the full range of our capabilities: legal consulting, planning and holding of planned events, communication with shareholders, operations in a register, reporting to a customer, etc.
  4. Modern systems for organizing call centres.
  5. Customized mechanism for archive storage of documents regardless of their volume.

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