Paying and Tax Agent Services for Payment of Dividends

Do you fear that you will fail to pay dividends within the short time frame prescribed by the law?

Is it important to you that the history of dividend payments should be recorded and kept reliably?

Do you need to prepare and file tax returns on paid dividends?

Would you like to avoid frequent communication with minority shareholders after a decision to pay dividends has been made?

Our services

  1. Preparation of an income list:
    • accrual of dividends, calculation of taxes and amounts to be paid.
  2. Payment of dividends.
  3. Acting as a tax agent:
    • payment of taxes to the budget on behalf of an issuer;
    • filing of tax returns on behalf of an issuer
  4. Recording and keeping of a history of dividend payments:
    • recording of returns;
    • monitoring of updates of bank details and making repeat payments;
    • preparation of replies to requests from shareholders, their heirs, notaries.
  5. Preparation of tax returns:
    • 1 NDFL and 2 NDFL forms;
    • information about accrued income and withheld taxes on income of legal entities that are tax residents and non-residents.
  6. Providing advice to shareholders


  1. The most extensive experience in payment of dividends: we service over 25 issuers and maintain simultaneously over 80 histories of payments.
  2. Large capacities: we can generate and send over 7,000 payment orders a day.
  3. Reduced fees charged by Russian Post for postal money orders.
  4. We use a special software package to make payments, record and keep a history of payments, prepare tax returns.
  5. Unique experience in payment of dividends in companies with over 300,000 shareholders.

Address:18 Stromynka Street, Building 5B, Moscow, 107076

Phone:+7 (495) 780-73-63

Fax:+7 (495) 780-73-67


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