Legal Consulting

Do you need to conduct a corporate audit of your company?

How to attract investment by increasing the authorized share capital?

Do you need to borrow funds by issuing bonds?

Do you plan to reorganize a company or restructure a group of companies?

Do you need to obtain approval for a transaction from antitrust authorities?

Our services

  1. Support of issuance of securities.
  2. Implementation of share redemption procedures (Chapter XI.1 of the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies).
  3. Support of reorganization of legal entities and restructuring of groups of companies.
  4. Support of M&A transactions.
  5. Conducting DUE DILIGENCE.
  6. Corporate secretary services.
  7. Obtaining approval for transactions with antitrust authorities.
  8. Representation and protection of interests in commercial courts.


  1. Over 10 years of experience in consulting in the securities market and in the field of corporate law.
  2. Fixed fee for our services regardless of the time spent by our consultants on a project.
  3. Strict confidentiality of information about our customers.
  4. At least two lawyers working on a project (service quality control).
  5. The customers always come back to us with new assignments.

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