Distribution of Information Materials

  • Is it important for you to ensure that information is communicated to the shareholder?
  • Do you need to distribute materials within an extremely short time frame?
  • Do you fear that materials will not be circulated time, or do you have no time to arrange the mailing?
  • Do you need to promptly receive documents confirming the dispatch?
  • Do you need to comply with the law that requires you to send the materials with the use of an electronic document management system?

Our services

  1. Different ways to communicate information to the addressee:
    • postal mailing (Russian Post, DHL);
    • courier deliveries for VIP persons;
    • distribution by email and with the use of electronic document management, including to nominee holders in order to communicate information to the customers of depositories to comply with the legislative requirements.
  2. Replication, preliminary mail processing and distribution of materials:
    • notifications of shareholders' meetings and voting ballots;
    • documents related to a mandatory offer or a voluntary offer;
    • notifications of the pre-emptive right to demand redemption of shares, notifications of operations and other documents.
  3. Related services:
    • checking whether texts of materials to be sent out comply with legislation;
    • provision of delivery reports;
    • processing, registration and storage of mail items, and destruction of returned mail items;
    • formation of mailing databases.

Our advantages

  1. Possibility of ‘turnkey’ mailing.
  2. Possibility of urgent large-scale mailing (more than 100 thousand mail items a day).
  3. Your order will be fulfilled within the shortest possible time frame.
  4. We can send out materials of any configurations and formats.
  5. Strict mailing quality control at all workflow stages (including an on-site visit of the registrar's representative).
  6. Key participants of the domestic DM market have the strategic customer status .

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