Vote Counting Services at a General Meeting of Shareholders

Do you need to plan preparation and holding of a general meeting of shareholders?

Is it important for you to be provided with high-quality services of an independent vote counting commission?

Do you need to confirm taking of decisions of a meeting and composition of participants?

Do you need guarantees that documents formalizing resolutions adopted by the meeting will be prepared to a high standard?

Our services

  1. Preparation for a general meeting of shareholders:
    • preparation of draft documents: notices of meetings, voting ballots, etc.;
    • preparation of a schedule of events related to the preparation to the meeting;
    • preparation of the script of the meeting;
    • advising on issues related to preparation and holding of the meeting;
    • production of brochures and materials for the meeting;
    • review of the meeting materials by shareholders;
    • collection of ballots for early or absentee voting;
    • publication of the meeting materials in the  ‘Shareholder's Personal Account’.
  2. Acting as the vote counting commission:
    • registration of the meeting participants;
    • providing an explanation to shareholders on how to vote and fill in the ballot;
    • announcement of results of registration of participants and presence of quorum with regard to specific matters;
    • confirmation of resolutions adopted by the meeting and composition of participants;
    • announcement of results of voting on items of the meeting agenda.

Our advantages

  1. Vast ‘bank of situations’ on issues related to organizing and holding meetings (over 600 meetings per year).
  2. We use a specialized software package to hold meetings.
  3. The minutes of the vote counting commission are prepared and issued on the day of the meeting. 
  4. The minutes of the vote counting commission are prepared and issued within the shortest possible time frame (from 10 minutes).
  5. Mobile counting commission that can be sent to any location in the country within 2-3 days.
  6. High degree of readiness for participation in meetings and adequate resources for doing so (600 to 800 meetings a year; we can participate in more than 75 meetings a day).
  7. Internet-based service: ‘Shareholder's Personal Account’.

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