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Do you need to reduce the amount of time spent on obtaining information from a register to several minutes?

Do you seek to minimize the number of persons having access to the register?

Do you want to ensure that work with the registrar involves no paperwork?

Is it important for you to reduce the cost of obtaining information from the register?

Do you need to provide your shareholders with 24/7 access to their accounts, data on dividend payments, a calendar of corporate events, and documents of shareholders' meetings?

Our services

  1. Electronic document management (R.O.S.T.-connect services):
    • remote access for shareholders to information on their accounts;
    • legally valid electronic document management with the registrar;
    • electronic archive of outgoing customer requests and replies to them;
    • information is provided upon request within 10 minutes.


  1. Service ‘Shareholder's Personal Account’:
    • you can view the account information from anywhere in the world;
    • you can view information about accrued dividends and the history of payments;
    • announcement and results of corporate events of the issuer (shareholders' meetings, buyouts, offers, etc.);
    • channel of communication and development of relations between the company's management bodies and each shareholder personally: the shareholder will always be kept informed of the issuer's corporate life; in particular, we have made it incredibly easy to review materials of a forthcoming general meeting of shareholders.


  1. Service ‘Issuer's Personal Account’:
    • maintenance of a calendar of general meetings;
    • automated organization of information about the planned meeting of shareholders;
    • automated submission of an electronic request for services related to preparation of the meeting and participation in the work of the vote counting commission (confirmation of resolutions adopted by general meetings of shareholders and composition of their participants) to the registrar; 
    • automated creation of a package of documents necessary to organize the meeting on basis of information contained in the ‘Issuer's Personal Account’;
    • automatic receipt of invoices for payment for the registrar's services related to preparation and holding of shareholders' meetings;
    • the issuer can oversee each stage of the process of preparation for the meeting;
    • you can request a callback to receive online advice of the registrar's specialists on how to prepare and hold general meetings of shareholders.

The use of the Issuer's Personal Account will enable you to forget forever about the need to fill in paper requests and submit documents to get information from the register or prepare for a shareholder meeting. The Issuer's Personal Account is a simple, convenient and effective tool for communication with the registrar. The Issuer's Personal Account is available to all of the registrar's clients free of charge.  


  1. Reduced fees if an electronic document management system is used.
  2. Prompt responses to requests.
  3. Convenient interface and ease of connection to electronic services.
  4. Possibility to customize services based on the customer's requirements. 
  5. Wide range of templates for requests for information from a register.
  6. You can view a sample of submission of requested information.

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