Our Advantages and Services

Professionalism and
experience of our employees
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    Over 300 highly qualified employees, many of whom have worked for the company since its foundation

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    Over 20 years in the market. Information on the company's history is available here.

High service quality
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    We have been chosen by the largest number of customers, and we are the largest universal registrar in Russia providing services whose quality is confirmed by an independent survey and topping the official ranking of registrars. More details are available here.

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    We are the only registrar in Russia that for eight years has been successfully developing a quality management system based on the international ISO 9001:2008 standard; findings of audits conducted by independent experts confirm that it complies with this standard and   with our Policy on Quality..
    You can read feedback from our customers here.

Reliability and security
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    There have been no fraudulent actions with shares in registers serviced by us.

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    We use certified information security tools. 

    We use only information technology created by the best developers. 

    We really ensure business continuity.

Broad product range and integrated approach to servicing
  • Our motto is: ‘MORE THAN JUST A REGISTRAR.’

    We provide not only standard registrar services, but also:

    1. a wide range of additional services,
    2. legal services,
    3. depositary services,
    4. a training centre,
    5. seminars in all regions of Russia,
    6. electronic document management and Internet-based services.

    More detailed information on our services is available here, and on the website of  CJSC R.O.S.T. Project.

We deliver services in all federal districts of Russia

You can find information about our services
on this website or, if you want more details, you can contact us directly.


Нам будет приятно общаться с вами и ответить
на ваши вопросы о продуктовой линейке и условиях обслуживания.

Product Line of R.O.S.T.

  • 1Our services
    reestr.pngMaintenance of shareholder registers
    Operations at the request of an issuer and shareholders
    Research and information services and monitoring of share capital
    Public offering of shares 
    Preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders 
    Payment of dividends and other payments to customers
    Turnkey support of share repurchase projects
    Communication with shareholders: mailing, call centre, Internet-based services, etc.
    Training seminars
    Assistance in disclosure of information about a joint-stock company
    Legal services
    Depositary services
  • 2Components of our services
    • Examination of a problem, SWOT analysis and planning
    • Legal support and advice
    • Work with shareholders and development of shareholder relations
    • Cooperation with professional participants
    • Acceptance and expert examination of documents
    • Operations in a register
    • Cash payments
    • Accountability to customers
  • 3Our platform
    Technologies and tools Resources Key principles
    Register maintenance system
    Special software
    Mailing technologies
    Customer settlement technologies
    Electronic document management
    Internet-based solutions for customers
    Call centre
    Electronic archive
    Process-based approach and integration
    Offices in 35 regions of Russia
    Law firm
    Local office in Ukraine
    Personal manager for each customer
    Personnel development
    Focus on the consumer
    Special attention to information security
    ‘Turnkey’ services
    Highly qualified and experienced employees

Address:18 Stromynka Street, Building 5B, Moscow, 107076

Phone:+7 (495) 780-73-63

Fax:+7 (495) 780-73-67



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