Seminars for Issuers and Training

Do you need to improve the qualifications of your employees?

Are you planning teambuilding events?

Our services

  1. Standard training programmes on topical legal matters:
    • disclosure of information;
    • preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders; 
    • issues and repurchases of securities;
    • reorganization and liquidation of a joint-stock company.
  2. Individual training programmes:
    • training under an individual plan;
    • teambuilding.

Our advantages

  1. First and foremost, practice.
  2. Experience in implementation of a wide range of projects in the area of preparation and holding of corporate events of issuers of securities.
  3. Extensive ‘bank of situations’.

How to find out more?

For more detailed information about training services, you can:

  1. contact your personal manager by telephone or by email (this option is available if you are our customer), or
  2. contact us by telephone or by email, using the contact details of the Registrar.

Address:18 Stromynka Street, Building 5B, Moscow, 107076

Phone:+7 (495) 780-73-63

Fax:+7 (495) 780-73-67


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